What We Do


Findev is a real estate financing company that lends money to real estate projects that are identified as uniquely positioned to generate above average returns in a two to three-year timeframe. Findev and its development partners bridge project requirement gaps such as equity deficiencies, and insufficient developer expertise for other developers and construction lenders.

Our company focuses on lending to residential and retail development projects within the Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”).

We focus on real estate projects that include condominiums, purpose-built rentals, townhouses, low-rise/subdivisions, and retail developments.

Findev’s development industry expertise enables a higher risk tolerance threshold that is comparable to developer like risks. This means that our loan approval process is based on the projected value of the asset at the time of project completion and is not limited to the current net tangible value. Our loans are typically subordinated to construction loans or first mortgages, they don’t require personal guarantees, and can bear a high Loan-To-Value ratio.


Many existing real estate lenders lack the development expertise or desire to take over an incomplete project from a borrower in default.

With Findev’s subordinated participation in the commencement of a loan, more investment opportunities will meet the lenders targeted risk parameters.

In addition, Findev’s ability to intervene with the infusion of capital and expertise into a project that is approaching at-risk territory, provides lenders with a simpler and more profitable alternative in the management of under-performing/at-risk loans.